Adobe Launches Lightroom 3


Lightroom is officially available for Windows and Mac today.  It's completely redesigned from the previous versions, and even includes 64-bit capability.  It's been in a beta test since October of last year, but it's finally available in a full retail version.

An Automatic Lens Correction feature has finally been added.  It's been requested for quite some time, but its availability means that you'll be able to apply profiles to your pictures that correct for geometric distortion, chromatic aberrations, and lens vignette effects.

More output settings have been made available for Lightroom 3 too, including the ability to send your photos online.  If you're a Flickr user, you'll have the ability to synchronize your account to Lightroom with just one click.

And of course, the biggest bonus to the new program is its speed.  Adobe says that Lightroom 3 has been built from scratch to be lightning fast and responsive, which is always a welcome feature.

You'll be looking at a $299 price tag if you want to buy Lightroom 3 new, but if you're already a registered Lightroom user, you'll be able to get the new program for just $99.  (Link to Both versions on Amazon)