Adobe Creative Suite 5 is Now Shipping - Trials Available to Download


The long awaited release of CS5 is finally here.  All those preordered copies of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash and other Adobe products are shipping now.

Reaction to CS5 has been very positive so far, in partial thanks to Photoshop CS5's new features.  

"New capabilities, such as Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop CS5...  really push the creative envelope," said Adobe VP John Loiacano.  "Whatever the media, CS5 is ensuring that publishers and creatives can deliver stand-out work and build great businesses around their unique digital assets and content."

In addition to the programs shipping out, trial versions are available to download directly from Adobe.  They're pretty big files, especially if you're grabbing the Master Collection demo, so Adobe is also supplying a DVD option.  You'll have to pay for the DVDs, but the $10 fee is more than worth it if you've got a slow connection or a data transfer cap.