Adobe Carousel is Available Now for Your Cloud Photograph Needs

Carousel.jpgCloud storage is the latest innovation to come along with the goal of making life easier for those with a need to have their media with them all the time and Adobe Carousel is aimed right at photographers. Not only does it let you pull up your photos wherever you want them, it allows you to edit the photos right on your portable device.

Adobe Carousel allows you to view your photo library, no matter what Apple device you're using. You can be on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and you'll be able to view the exact same photos. Even cooler, you can edit your photos using the same processing engine that's found in Lightroom. It might not be the ideal tool for really big edits, but you can get plenty done while on the go.

Carousel is absolutely free to download for your iOS device or Mac. After a 30 day free trial you'll need to pay either $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. If you subscribe before January 31st, Adobe will knock 40 percent off of both those prices.

Windows and Android users wishing to get in on Carousel will have to wait a bit. Adobe says they're both coming soon but hasn't set a firm date yet.