Adobe Announces Camera Raw 7.2 RC and Lightroom 4.2 RC, adding support for many new Cameras and Lens Profiles

adobe_logo_large.jpgAdobe has announced the availability of Camera Raw 7.2 RC (Release Candidate) A "release candidate" label indicates that this update has been well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before being distributed automatically.

This new version adds many new cameras and lens profiles, and Adobe has also added tools to recover image sensor data typically lost when shooting in a camera crop mode (e.g., 3:2, 16:9, 1:1). That way, you can view the entire recorded image captured by the sensor, not just the part of the image used by the crop mode selected. The exception is that Nikon and Pentax cameras crop the raw data to the chosen aspect ratio. But, for other brands of cameras, the entire image captured by the sensor is available using the new Camera Raw 7.2 Release Candidate when shooting using a different Aspect Ratio than what the sensor is natively setup for.

The following new cameras are now supported in Camera Raw 7.2 RC:

In addition, Adobe has announced the availability of Lightroom 4.2RC, which adds support for the same cameras, lens profiles and features; and also corrects a number of bugs found in previous versions of Lightroom.

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