Adobe Announces Bridge CC Version 6.2 - a Major Update with Performance Improvements

CreativeCloud_Logo1.jpegIf you've been using Bridge with Photoshop CC, you have probably noticed that Adobe has been updating Photoshop CC on a regular basis with new features, with Bridge CC lagging behind.

So, you may be glad to hear that Adobe has released a major update to Bridge, in the form of Bridge CC Version 6.2.

This new update gives Bridge CC Automated Cache Management to improve performance, combined with new settings to allow even more refinement to meet individual needs.

Adobe has also added on demand thumbnail generation, with responsiveness improvements due to the way thumbnails, previews and metadata are being extracted and generated. Metadata extraction is given priority so that filter panels can become functional sooner., with a number of other changes implemented to improve performance. This Bridge CC update also reinstates an Autostack Panorama/HDR feature.

Plus, if you are a Mac user, import from iOS devices has been included, and Bridge will also support imports using PTP (Picture to Picture) protocol from iOS devices, Android devices, and digital cameras using the PTP protocol.

See the announcement with more detail about the Adobe Bridge CC 6.2 Update here: