Adebis Sorts Photos so You Don't Have To


If you're not new to digital photography, you were at some point.  You were young and foolish, and you made mistakes.  Most of those mistakes just resulted in less than satisfactory photographs, but others, like failing to properly organize your photos, can keep haunting you.

Adebis is a free program that's designed to save you the hassle of going through each of them yourself.  Whether your photos are scattered throughout your computer or lumped into one giant file, Adebis can take care of them for you.

The nicest thing about Adebis, aside from the price, is that it's fully customizable.  If you want all your JPGs in one folder and your RAWs in another, Adebis Photo Sorter can handle that.  Want to rename all the photos you took between June 1st and June 12th while also adding EXIF data?  You can do it.

Adebis Photo Sorter is a free download and can be found right one the Adebis website.  Sorry Mac users, it's Windows only.