Taking Photos Out of a Panoramic Moonroof: Acura Launches #LookUp Campaign

(Photo by Tiffany Nguyen one of Acura's RDX #LookUp embassadors)

Acura is teaming up with social media influencers across different platforms to inspire people to look up and share their unique experience... and also showcase the Acura RDX. 

In case you had any doubts, social influencers are a real thing. People on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or twitch that have a lot of followers also wield a lot of power and large corporations are finally taking advantage of it. 

It's also way cheaper than running a traditional advertising campaign. Instead of paying a firm to come up with ideas and then shoot video and stills, why not just pay a few influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers to shoot and upload it for you. 

But I think influencers can be more than that. With the Acura campaign, you're getting to see what it's like not just to see pictures of the Acura RDX but how people you admire use one. Where does it take them? What does it inspire in them?

Acura states in their press release:

"Launching now and continuing through the fall, the campaign's content creators, including Bryan Castillo (@bryanadamc) and Tiffany Nguyen (@Tiffpenguin) will share their versions of what happens when they #Lookup on their Instagram and Facebook pages, including shots of the Acura RDX in a dramatic desert landscape and images of the vehicle going over the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The collection of photography highlights what you see when you shoot out of RDX's panoramic moonroof. Examples of the photos can be previewed here: https://acura.us/BryanCastillo; https://acura.us/TiffanyNguyen."

The kind of hilarious part of this campaign is that it's asking people to look up from their phones to see the world around them. They're trying to say that there's more to life than what's on their phones, and yet, they're doing all their advertising on social media which 99% of the population experiences on their phones. 

So, once you see this picture of the Acura RDX on Instagram... look away from it and enjoy life.