'Act of Valor' Utilizes Canon EOS 5D Mark II Cameras for "Physics Defying" Shots

Act of Valor.jpgThe movie 'Act of Valor,' which stars active-duty Navy SEALs, is one of the increasing number of films that utilizes HDSLRs for getting shots that normal cameras can't. The smaller, lighter camera gives filmmakers a new kind of freedom in shooting.

"Because the Canon 5D Mark II is so light weight," says the film's co-director Scott Waugh, "we were able to defy conventional motion picture camera physics and capture a high-quality cinematic image, which ultimately looked incredible on a 100-foot theatrical screen."

'Act of Valor' isn't the first film to take the HDSLR approach to action - many of the Marvel movies including 'Captain America' and 'Iron Man 2' opted to shirk tradition in favor of the new technique.