ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 Available Now

ACDSee-Pro6.jpgThe folks at ACD Systems have announced that two of their popular photo editing programs have been updated.  The new versions of ACDSee and ACDSee Pro bring some extra features to the table, as well as general improvements to existing ones.

Both programs feature brush-on edits, which allow you to quickly apply an effect or adjustment to any part of a photo.  You'll also find Smart Blur for editing and noise reduction, the Clarity Tool that defines or softens a shot by targeting mid-tones and improved noise reduction across the board.

Only ACDSee Pro 6 will give you access to things like the non-destructive adjustment brush and new processing tools like Soft Focus and Cross Process, both of which do exactly what they sound like they do.

ACDSee 15 can be had for $49 while ACDSee Pro 6 will run you $99.  Both are available directly from ACD.