A Unique Way to Recover a Lost Camera

Lost Camera.jpg
A Psychologist named Richard Wiseman conducted an experiment last year regarding lost wallets.  He and his team surreptitiously dropped over two hundred wallets in the streets of Scotland over a month long period.  The wallets were divided into a few different groups, each having a different type of picture or identification card in it.  The idea was to see whether the contents of the wallet had an effect on whether it was returned or not.

While having a card indicating a charitable donation didn't seem to help, and pictures of grandparents didn't make much of a difference, Wiseman found that babies were the key.  Of the forty wallets that were dropped with a baby picture inside, thirty five were returned.  That's almost double the next highest result.

You can use the same logic with your digital camera.  When you pop in a new card, just make sure that the first picture or two are of a baby, and you'll stand a better chance at tugging at the heartstrings of whoever finds your lost camera.

Australian blogger Andrew McDonald has a similar approach, but with a key difference.  He leaves a note in a sort of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" style.  The first several pictures on his camera are of himself holding a white board with a humorous note written in each picture.

At the very least, make sure people who find your camera have a way to get a hold of you.  Leaving your contact information in the camera card is a smart and easy way to do it.