A Raid in the UK Reveals 20,000 Counterfeit Camera Cases

Camera Case.jpg

It may come as a surprise, but counterfeit camera cases are apparently a pretty big business.  According to the UK's Messenger Newspaper, a raid on a home in the city of Bowdon revealed 20,000 counterfeit cases.

The folks at Canon reported counterfeit sales of their camera cases online, which lead the police to a home containing cases from manufacturers like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Kodak.  In addition to the cases, officers found what they believe to be counterfeit camera lenses.  In all, the raid revealed over $750,000 in goods.

"It is ultimately the consumer that is impacted by counterfeit products," said spokesman from Canon Europe.  "It is therefore a great result that this operation has seized a significant amount of counterfeit products which are now out of circulation."

The 40 year old man who was arrested remains unnamed and is currently on bail awaiting trial.