A New Angle on Tilt-Shift Photography

Skrekkogle is a Norwegian design company that has some very interesting ideas when it comes to tilt-shift photography. Making regular sized objects appear miniature is what tilt-shift is all about, but Skrekkogle has found a way to make the illusion even more convincing.

The secret to their success - a giant coin placed in the photograph to give it scale. When placed on a car, next to a building, a dumpster or any variety of other objects, the coin looks to be normal sized while the subject of the photograph appears to be small.

The effect is convincing, and probably even better for those more familiar with the currency. If this were done with US based currency it would almost certainly look better to American eyes.

Check out Skrekkogle's website for more pics and a look at the making of the coin.

(via PetaPixel)