A Giant Wave Crashes a Marriage Proposal

Wave-crashes-wedding-proposal.jpg Matthew Hartman had the perfect proposal planned. He wrote a song to play for his then girlfriend, found a perfect rock so stand on near the ocean, and recruited his photographer friend Jonathan Hwang to capture the whole thing. He played his song, got down on one knee, pulled the ring out, and was then knocked off of the rock by a giant, unexpected wave.

This may seem like the kind of thing that puts the damper on such a carefully crafted proposal, but the unexpected swell made the event, and the resulting photos, even more memorable. The couple may not have been expecting it, but Hwang knew it was a possibility. "I was secretly hoping that the odds would be on my side and that they would get swallowed by a wave," he says. "In the end, it might not have been the most thought out proposal, nor was it safe by any means, but the results from that day turned out to be both spectacular and breathtaking-literally!"

(via PetaPixel)