A Century of Infrared Photography

Infrared Dylan.jpg
2010 marks the hundredth anniversary of the first infrared photograph to appear in print.  The photos were taken by Professor Robert Williams Wood and were published in October 1910 in the Photographic Journal of the Royal Photographic Society(RPS).

Infrared photography originally relied on infrared film, though these days it's much simpler to do, assuming you have a digital camera that's up to the task.   You'll need a UV filter, a camera that picks up infrared light well -some newer cameras have IR filters that completely block it - and an infrared filter to block out normal light.

Infrared photos are very unique, and create a very alien landscape even with familiar territory.  An excellent and familiar example is a 1968 photograph of Bob Dylan taken by Elliot Landy.  In the photo, Dylan is leaning on a car while surrounded by a forest of pink leaves.

The RPS is planning to mark the 100th year of infrared photographs by holding an exhibition in Bath as well as a symposium in London this October.