$9,000 Worth of Photo Gear Stolen and Recovered

There are not many feelings in the world quite like having something stolen from you. It's even worse when that stolen property consists of a Nikon D3 and a range of lenses for a total of $9,000 worth of gear. That happened to Getty Images photographer John Heller a year ago at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

There's only so much you can do to prevent theft, but thanks to Exif data, there's a lot you can do after the fact. Heller tried the traditional means to recover his camera, but after meeting with no success he turned to GadgetTrack and their camera serial number search.

Heller entered the number and, unsurprisingly, photos showed up on Flickr and Facebook taken by the new "owner" of the camera. With that information in hand, the Los Angeles Police Department were able to track down Heller's property.

If you've lost a camera, or if you just want to see how it works with a camera you still own, hit up the GadgetTrack Camera Serial Search.