4 Year Old Camera Washes Up on a CA beach...Memory Card Still Working!

File this under "Technilogical Miracles" or "Don't try this at home with your camera."

Following a heavy two-day storm, California man Peter Govaars found "the skeleton of a digital camera" among piles of driftwood, broken glass, old bottle, and sand on Hidden Beach near Santa Cruz, CA.  Along with the camera's remains, Govaars was not only surprised to discover the camera's SD Memory Card was still in one piece, but completely shocked to find it readable.  

correded digitial camera.jpg
Govaars pulled 104 photos from Memory Card, finding photos of a Hispanic Family taken in the summer of 2007, which included a birthday celebration anda "day trip from San Jose to Santa Cruz."  Govaars has posted the pictures to his Flickr account (see the slideshow below) and is hopeful he will someday find the Mystery Family.  

What's particularly amazing is that it's quite possible this digital camera has been rolling on and off area California beaches for the last four years.  Like I said above, don't try this at home with your camera, yet if you happen to tragically drop your digicam in the water, or lose it out at sea, your camera will most likely be finished, but have hope your memories might still be in tact.  

Here's hoping Govaars is successful in returning the pictures to the family.