32 Great Free Pieces of Software for Photographers

32 Free.jpg

It would be nice to be able to shell out the cash for every new piece of photography software that comes along, but it's not a realistic option for most.  Photoshop alone can set you back a bundle, and that's not even including different plug-ins that you'll want to go along with it.

The folks at DIY Photography, who are definitely down with frugality, have put together a list of 32 of their favorite free programs.  The list, which you can find here, includes workflow applications, editing programs and even a few recovery tools.

Many of the programs, like Gimp and Paint.NET, will be familiar, but there are a few others that you may not have heard of.  Take Hugin Panorama Photo Stitcher for example.  It's a free and simple program for putting together panoramic shots.

Even if you normally use paid programs, it couldn't hurt to take a look at the list.  You never know what you might find, and it won't cost you anything but your time.