12/31/2001: December DPOTD Winners Posted

I have just posted the Digital Photo of the Day page for our December 2001 winners. Congratulations to the top three digi-photographers and all of the December entrants and their excellent photos....[read more]

12/29/2001: Photo Retailers Report Strong Digital Camera Sales Over Holiday Season

Photo retailers, for the most part, saw their holiday sales either hold steady or decline slightly year over year, with digital cameras leading the way. According to market information provider NPDTechworld, Port Washington, N.Y., USA, digital camera sales began strong, up 40 percent on the Friday following Thanksgiving, compared to 2000. In fact, Frank Ponder, general manager of Bel Air Camera, Los Angeles, Calif., USA, sold "more digital cameras than I could ever imagine." Ponder pointed out December sales of digital cameras alone through Christmas already represented 10 percent of his total camera sales for the first 11 months of 2001. He said sales of analog cameras were "way down," however, resulting in a similar slide for film sales, with photofinishing "struggling to stay even." Ponder credited a 7 percent gain in sales from Dec. 20-24 for bringing his holiday sales "very close" to a year ago. At Colonial Photo...[read more]

12/29/2001: Sony Sells More Than Five Million Digital Cameras With Carl Zeiss Lenses

The six-year collaboration between Carl Zeiss and Sony Corp. has sold more than five million digital cameras with Carl Zeiss optics. According to Carl Zeiss, the combination of high-quality optics and Sony's electronic technology has attracted users in the upper end of the consumer digital imaging market. As a result, Sony is gaining marketshare in digital cameras worldwide, and has already reached the top position in digital camcorders worldwide....[read more]

12/28/2001: Nikon Posts Windows XP Updates

Nikon has posted the following Windows XP updates for its camera and scanner software programs. Nikon Capture v2.0.2 (D1, D1X, D1H)NikonView v4.3.1 (Coolpix 775, 880, 885, 990, 995, 5000, D1, D1X, D1H)NikonScan v3.1.2 (LS-2000, Coolscan III/IV ED, Super Coolscan 4000/8000 ED)...[read more]

12/28/2001: Full Canon EOS-1D Pro SLR Review Posted

I've now posted the conclusion to ourCanon EOS-1D review, there are sample photos and a 2nd Opinion by a pro photographer that has been using a D30 for over a year. This is one awesome but expensive digital camera. If you need or want the best SLR for Canon lenses, this is definitely the one to get!...[read more]

12/27/2001: Minolta Posts DiMAGE 7 Firmware Upgrade

Minolta USA today posted firmware version A1v121u for the DiMAGE 7. Firmware version A1v121u was developed for general improvement in exposure performance (particularly for flash photography). If you already have version A1v121u, it is not necessary to update the firmware. This firmware is for use only with the DiMAGE 7 and cannot be used with other products. Please read the Firmware Installation instructions for full information. Windows firmware updaterMacintosh firmware updaterChecking the DiMAGE 7 firmware version: Set the main switch/mode dial of the camera to the setup position. Press the digital-subject-program button. Check the number displayed in the LCD monitor display of the camera. Products with version numbers other than A1v121u are eligible for a firmware upgrade. DIVU ver 1.1.1 UpdateAlso posted is the Dimage Image Viewer Utility Update ver 1.1.1 for use with the DiMAGE_5 and DiMAGE_7 cameras. This is an update to the DiMAGE Image Viewer Utility. This...[read more]

12/26/2001: Better Light Unveils New Digital Scan Back Cameras Using Kodak Tri-Linear CCDs

Better Light Inc., San Carlos, Calif., USA, introduced two new digital scan back cameras to its SuperModel line, with Kodak's new tri-linear CCD sensors, which are twice as sensitive as previous Kodak sensors and reduce a photographer's lighting requirements by as much as 50 percent, the company said. Increased CCD sensitivity, Better Light said, translates into faster scan times, smaller camera lens apertures and reduced light levels. The Super6K-2 captures up to 9,000-by-12,000 pixels (309MB 24-bit RGB or 618MB 48-bit RGB file) in less than two minutes, has a continuously adjustable ISO range of 200 - 3,200, and is ICC profile compatible. It is designed for art reproduction, commercial, advertising and catalog photography as well as scientific and industrial applications. It has a suggested list price of ,990. The Super8K-2 captures up to 12,000-by-15,990 pixels (549MB 24-bit RGB or 1.1GB 48-bit RGB file), has a continuously adjustable ISO range of...[read more]

12/26/2001: Minolta Halts Development of APS Cameras

TOKYO, Dec 26 (Reuters) - Japan's Minolta Co Ltd said on Wednesday it had halted new product development for APS (advanced photo system) cameras and would focus its resources on the fast-growing market for digital cameras. The shift in business strategy is part of the camera and copier maker's effort to right itself by cutting costs and jobs after forecasting a group net loss of 21 billion yen (.4 million) for the year through March. APS standards were jointly developed by five camera makers -- Minolta, Nikon Corp , Canon Inc , Fuji Photo Film Co Ltd and Eastman Kodak Co. APS cameras were introduced in 1996 but the market for such products has been shrinking because of stiff competition from digital cameras. A spokesman for Minolta said the firm, which entered the digital camera market in July, planned to expand its market share by assigning its APS researchers to...[read more]

12/21/2001: Coolpix 5000 Firmware Update Available

Many of the first Nikon Coolpix 5000 cameras were delivered with firmware v1.5 in them and a problem has been identified with it. Under certain circumstances if the camera is turned on with the lens cap on it displays a warning message on the color LCD. You are supposed to be able to turn the camera off, remove the lens cap and then turn it on again. Some cameras lock up permanently at this point and have to be sent in for service and installation of the newer firmware. All of the Coolpix 5000's being shipped now have the newer firmware. You can check your camera's firmware version by holding the MENU button down while turning the camera on. If the screen says v1.5 you need to update, if it says v1.6 then you need do nothing, you have the latest firmware already. The Coolpix 5000 Firmware v1.6 Update is...[read more]

12/21/2001: WetPixel.com Site Redesigned

Our friends over at the WetPixel.com site have just finished a site redesign. WetPixel.com is the place to go if you want to learn about underwater digital cameras and all things relating to "going down" with your digicam. Eric Cheng has joined David Breitigam in updating the site with both a new look and better performing hosting servers. Stop by and check them out!...[read more]

12/17/2001: Qimage Pro 2002 v1.1 Released

Mike Chaney emailed to let me know that he had just released the 2002 edition of Qimage Pro, a Windows printing program on steroids. The new Qimage Pro 2002 v1.1 features: Levels and curves: Two of the most powerful image editing tools available arrive in the debut of Qimage Pro 2002. Adjust levels and curves for the luminance (brightness) channel, or separate RGB channels and apply these settings as an associative filter or create new images. Although you can create separate copies of filtered images as always, the amazing speed of the new filters will encourage you to simply apply your changes as an associative filter, eliminating the need to store anything other than your originals and allowing you to open the filter parameters and change them at any time. Sliders that operate via mouse or arrow keys and curves that can be drawn with up to 17 points are...[read more]

12/16/2001: Digital Imaging Software News

ISOR 5000 Actions for PhotoshopFred Miranda launches a new Nikon Coolpix 5000 noise reduction action. It?s called ISOR 5000, and offers users several levels of intensity from only color noise reduction (chroma noise) to high settings of noise reduction for outstandingly clean results. Fred utilized new Photoshop techniques on the ISOR 5000 actions and now the retention of detail is better than ever. Click here for ISOR 5000 samples and info. Cameraid for MacintoshCameraid v1.2b3 for Macintosh users has been released. It includes an updated manual, significant user interface changes, much faster browsing of large JPEG images at reduced sizes and batch processor enhancements. Version 1.2 is scheduled for release just before Christmas, unless any serious problems are found in this version before that time....[read more]

12/15/2001: Other Sites' Camera Reviews

Time to play catch up around the net. We've been so busy in our own backyard that we haven't had time to see what anybody else has been up to. Here's a list of recent reviews from our friends at the other digicam web sites: EOS-1D review updates from both the Imaging-Resource and DP Review. I am currently working on my EOS-1D review and will have it posted later this week. Nikon Coolpix 5000 reviews from Imaging-Resource and DC Resource Page. Fujifilm FinePix 2800 Zoom review from DC Resource Page....[read more]

12/15/2001: Windows XP Warnings for Digicam Users

Turns out that all isn't exactly wonderful when it comes to the latest Microsoft operating system and digital camera users. Windows XP has all kinds of new digital imaging "goodies" built in but using some of them can bring you less than satisfying results. Both Canon and Nikon have warned against using Explorer's image rotation feature as it destroys the Exif header in the JPEG files. The Exif header contains all of the exposure and camera data that is recorded at the time of capture and the high-end digicams use this to display this info during playback. And both companies also warn users against formatting flash cards under WinXP because it will use the default FAT32 format -- and digital cameras can't understand this as they use the standard FAT file system. If you remember to tell WinXP to use FAT instead of FAT32 then all will be OK but...[read more]

12/14/2001: Nikon to Double Digital Camera Production For Fiscal 2002

JPEA Photo Electro News reports Nikon Corp. plans to double sales of digital cameras for fiscal 2002/2003, ending March 2003, while reducing film camera sales about 20 percent. Nikon sold 480,000 SLRs worldwide in the first six months of the year, ended in September. The company expects to sell another 370,000 units in the latter half, JPEA Photo Electro News reports. Nikon sold 950,000 compact cameras in the April-Sept. period, and expects to sell 610,000 additional units in the second half of the year, JPEA Photo Electro News reports. Digital camera sales for the first half year were 640,000 units, up 68 percent. For the whole year, Nikon expects to sell a total of 1.3 million units....[read more]

12/13/2001: Coolpix 5000 Review, Posted in Full

OK, you asked for it, the Nikon 5000 review is now finished, complete with my usual conclusion text. I will be adding more sample photos, including some studio shots using the SB-50DX to trip the studio slaves. The much anticipated Canon EOS-1D arrived today and will be consuming most of my time for the next couple of weeks. After one day of using it all I can say is, "I feel a need, a need for speed!" The EOS-1D is the fastest digicam I've ever used, both in capture and focusing speed. This is truly the digital alter-ego of the famous Canon EOS-1V film camera. There's little doubt that an EOS-1D will be behind the majority of those big, white Canon telephoto lenses at this year's NFL football games and other sporting events. This camera was well worth the wait!...[read more]

12/12/2001: SiPix Printer Allows Users to Stick It to Their Friends and Family with New Portable Photo Printer

Milpitas, Calif., Dec. 12, 2001- SiPix, Inc., The Digital Imaging Appliance Company, today announced the PocketColor 100 portable printer for anyone who likes to share pictures. Designed in collaboration with IDEO, one of the most distinguished innovation consultancies in the world and recognized for designing the first Apple mouse, the Palm V, and the Handspring Visor Edge, the PocketColor 100 printer runs on AA batteries and prints directly from the SiPix SP-1300 digital camera or from any personal computer using a USB interface. The cool little handheld printer is easy and fun to use, allowing users to print and share pictures and photo stickers at school, parties, work or to liven-up any event. Priced at , the PocketColor 100 is a take-anywhere personal appliance that gives the flexibility to print and share digital pictures, images and graphics on the spot. The pocket-sized printer uses an automatic sheet feeder and a...[read more]

12/11/2001: Olympus Introduces 3D Scantop - Allows Designers To Create Photo-Realistic 3D Content With A Touch Of A Button

December 11, 2001, NY, NY -- Olympus announced today at Internet World 3D ScanTop, an easy-to-use 3D animation system for e-business. Leveraging the recent advances in high- resolution digital cameras and powerful personal computers, 3D ScanTop allows the user to create realistic and accurate 3D animations at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for extensive modeling or costly laser techniques. 3D Scantop speeds up the delivery of 3D content for e-business, education, arts and entertainment applications. Olympus 3D ScanTop includes everything needed to create 3D content: easy-to-use 3D ScanWare software, lighting, and turntable. Creating 3D models take a few simple steps. The 3D ScanWare software controls all system components, the camera, turntable and lights. After a quick calibration step, the user simply places the object to be photographed on the turntable. With a touch of a button, the system captures a series of images of the object at...[read more]

12/10/2001: Pictographics Releases iCorrect Color Correction Software

December 7, 2001 - - Burnsville, MN - - Pictographics International Corporation, a leading provider of digital color technology, announces the release of iCorrect for imaging enthusiasts and home users who want a powerful yet easy-to-use color correction program for their digital pictures. iCorrect is available as either a stand-alone application for Windows or as a plug-in for popular Macintosh and Windows consumer imaging applications like Adobe Photoshop Elements and Jasc Paint Shop Pro. Now, home users will have access to the same digital color technology used by the world's leading imaging professionals. Based on Pictographics' award-winning iCorrect Professional, heralded as the closest thing to one-click color, iCorrect takes the guess work out of color correction and automatically makes the color right. iCorrect is priced at .95 and is available at www.picto.com. Uniquely positioned as the perfect complement to Windows XP's advanced image acquisition, viewing, and organization utilities, iCorrect helps...[read more]

12/09/2001: Web Site Speedup, You Bet!

I hope you've noticed a significant improvement in the site response since mid-day Saturday. We've added a third server, upgraded the #2 server with faster CPUs and more RAM and optimized the coding of our Discussion Forums. The URL for our forums has changed, please use the link above or the one from our main menu and be sure to update your bookmarks accordingly. Everytime I look at our server stats I get dizzy, I can't believe how much traffic is coming through here this month. It tells me that there's going to be a lot of new digicam users after Santa makes his deliveries....[read more]

12/06/2001: Steve's Picked as a Site of the Night on TechTV's Screen Savers

Thanks to Leo and Patrick at Tech TV's (satellite network) Screen Saver's show for picking Steve's Digicams as their Site of the Night for holiday digicam buyers. "The site's holiday wish list section makes it easy for experts and novices alike to learn about digital cameras in various price ranges. Simply select your budget parameters -- say, between and -- and Steve serves you up a list of options along with informed descriptions and pictures of each camera. Steve's site isn't flashy, but it's purposefully constructed so that viewers with any browser or connection speed can soak up Steve's knowledge smoothly."...[read more]

12/05/2001: Nikon Coolpix 5000, Arriving Shortly

There's been considerable concern lately over the availability of the Nikon Coolpix 5000. Needless to say there are a lot of them already on pre-order and Christmas is getting close. The official word from our Nikon USA representative this afternoon confirms that there has been some "delays" in getting the cameras. I was assured that Nikon USA was receiving a large air shipment of cameras and that these cameras would be sent out to the distributors and dealers next week. (This is pretty much the same as the December 13th availability just announced by Nikon Japan for their market.) If you currently have a Coolpix 5000 on pre-order there should be no problems getting it before Christmas. If you are expecting to see them on the shelves in the stores before Christmas you will probably be disappointed. Nikon is going to do its best to get the cameras to the...[read more]

12/04/2001: Two New Digital Cameras from Praktica

The folks over at LetsGoDigital.nl have just posted some information about two new digital cameras from Praktica, a name well known in the film world. This will be their first effort in the digital camera market, no word if these cameras will be available outside of Europe. More info later if and when it becomes available. Shown above is the 3.3-megapixel DCZ 33 which looks a lot like the Minolta S304 and it also has a 4X optical zoom lens....[read more]

12/04/2001: MacWorld "Eddy's" Awards for 2001 Announced

Every year the editors at MacWorld Magazine evaluate products and software for the Macintosh Operating System and then rate them for their utility, innovation and elegance. The seventeenth annual Editors' Choice Awards (better known as the Eddy's) can be found listed here. The winners will be honored at a party held during Macworld Expo in San Francisco during January 7 - 11, 2002. The categories that we are most interested in are as follows: Best Digital Camera PowerShot S110 Digital Elph, Canon (Winner)Coolpix 995, NikonPowerShot G2, Canon Best Image-editing Software Photoshop Elements, Adobe Systems (Winner)Fireworks 4, MacromediaTest Strip 3.1, Vivid Details Best Digital Video Software Final Cut Pro 2.0.2, Apple Computer (Winner)DVD Studio Pro 1.1, Apple ComputerPremiere 6.0, Adobe Systems...[read more]

12/03/2001: Your Digi-Photos Turned into 3-D Art

For as little as .95 Photo's In 3-D specializes in taking your photographs and turning them into a three-dimensional product. You'll be the talk of the office and the envy of your friends as you display pictures of your loved ones in a way not often seen. Photos In 3D offers several sizes ranging from the smallest finished image size of 2" x 4" to the largest 7-5/8" x 10". All pictures are printed on Dye-Sublimation printers and have the same permanence as conventionally processed photos. (This is a shameless plug for a service that my best friend has started. These make great Christmas or holiday gifts for your family and loved ones. And the quality of these products are excellent.)...[read more]

12/01/2001: Free Digital Noise Removal Photoshop Action

A new iNovaFX color noise and grain reducing Photoshop Action Filter is available now for Beta testing by Photoshop 6.0 owners. Free to all digital photographers. Called the "iSORemover1.ps6, the Action seeks to reduce the grain artifacts and color noise artifacts of high ISO images by at least one stop of ISO without impairing fine color detail or painting the image with an unrealistic airbrush effect. "Doing surgery on a troubled image always runs the risk of making the wrong compromises," said Peter iNova, author of the iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filter series, "but I think this one is very close to right. A few early users have tried it with low ISO images and tell me results are good there, too." Color noise is usually not a problem with low ISO shots, but every little bit may help. Photographers who enjoy available light photography know that high ISO is both...[read more]

12/01/2001: Red River Paper Sample Kits 1/2 Off

Inkjet paper sample kits now 1/2 off at Red River Paper!   Try 31 different inkjet papers for only .99 plus shipping. These sample kits are unmatched and offer a great way to try before you buy. Print your holiday greeting on Red River inkjet paper. There's a wide selection of pre-scored cards in glossy, matte and even watercolor stock. Matching envelopes make Red River Paper a one-stop shop....[read more]