100% of Surveyed Consumers Bought Electronics for Christmas - 24% Bought Cameras

CE-Survey.jpgIt's not much of a surprise that electronics are big business when Christmas comes around. What might come as a surprise though is that 100% of the 4,200 people surveyed by MarketForce reported buying at least one consumer electronics device.

Videogames and accessories topped the list with 32% of people dipping into that category. Just below, at 31%, were TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players and other components. Digital cameras tied with smartphones with 24% of responders purchasing one. That's one in four people picking up a camera for Christmas - not too bad.

The survey also revealed the power of sales associates. 44% of customers received a specific product recommendation from a store employee and 85% of those people bought the product that was suggested. Assuming those sales people are giving good advice, that's a nice sign that people aren't buying cameras without at least a little research.