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Minolta Dimâge 2300

Record & Playback Screens


Minolta Dimage 2300

A typical record mode screen display showing the minimal information overlays. Only the record mode (REC or BURST), the digital zoom setting (X1.0), the exposure compensation (0.0) and the picture number (9) data is shown onscreen.

Minolta Dimage 2300

Switching into digital zoom mode the only thing that changes is the "X" number in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The display gets a little on the "pixelly" side too.

Minolta Dimage 2300

The SETUP menu is as minimal as the rest of the camera, remember that this is basically a point-n-shoot digicam so the options are fairly limited. You can adjust the LCD backlight intensity, format the CF card, set the Power Save (sleep) time, set the time/date and reset all options back to Default values.

Minolta Dimage 2300

The PLAY mode screen only shows the current zoom magnification level and the picture number and total number of pictures.

Minolta Dimage 2300

You can magnify the playback image up to 3X to check for focus and color accuracy.

Minolta Dimage 2300

As with most digicams, the Dimage 2300 has a thumbnail index mode that lets you quickly sort through the stored pictures to select one for full screen display.

Minolta Dimage 2300

The PLAY mode menu lets you Delete All image, Lock or Unlock All images, and set the DPOF printing data.

Steve's Conclusion

The Dimage 2300 is a compact and simple to operate digital camera that's short on features but delivers good images. It's a good little "go anywhere" kind of camera that fits easily into your pants pocket or purse and is light enough to be hand-carried all day if necessary. The number of images you can store is limited only by the size of the CompactFlash card that you put in it. The size of the average best quality image is about 900KB so you can go a long way using an 80MB CF card.

The image quality is par with a camera of this resolution and the only problem I noticed was a slight tendency to underexpose brightly lit outdoor shots but these were easily corrected. Shot to shot time at high quality was about three seconds in single shot mode which isn't bad at all. If you need to capture faster than that you can switch it into Burst mode and grab shots at 2fps up to a maximum of four.

If you want an economical, 2-megapixel camera that takes good pictures and won't break the bank then the Minolta Dimage 2300 is a good choice.

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