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Minolta Dimâge 2300

First Look posted 8/4/00


Minolta Dimage 2300

The Minolta Dimâge 2300 features a high-resolution 2.3 million-pixel CCD with a RGB primary color filter to retain true color fidelity. Measuring just 4.48 x 2.55 x 1.57 inches and weighing only 7.4 ounces, it is very easy to carry wherever you go. For action sequences, the Dimâge 2300 features a Burst Capture mode that takes a series of pictures at 2 frames per second at full resolution (1,792 x 1,200 pixels, up to 4 frames in FINE mode).

Captured images are stored on CompactFlash cards in JPEG (Exif 2.1) format with a choice of Fine, Standard or Economy compression levels or uncompressed as SuperFine in TIFF format. The image size is user selectable between 1792x1200 and 800x600 pixels. To cover a wide range of lighting conditions the CCD sensitivity can be switched between Normal (ISO 85) and High (ISO 340).

Minolta Dimage 2300

The 1.8-inch color LCD monitor on back allows the user to view the image composition or to play back the stored images.

Minolta Dimage 2300

An optical viewfinder is also provided which enables framing much like that of a traditional film camera, and is especially helpful when shooting outdoors in bright sunlight.

Minolta Dimage 2300

Minolta Dimage 2300

Minolta Dimage 2300

The lens is an 8.2mm (equivalent to ~38mm in 35mm format) f/3.0 - 13 (4 steps) all-glass consisting of 5 elements in 2 groups, including 4 aspheric surfaces.  Focusing range is 1.96 feet (0.6m) to infinity in normal mode and 0.98 - 1.96 feet (0.3 - 0.6m) in macro mode.

The Digital Zoom feature magnifies the area being photographed by a ratio of 1.4X or 2X but results in a smaller captured image size.

Minolta Dimage 2300

The buttons for flash mode, macro focus, exposure compensation and digital zoom are on the top. The advanced functions: self-timer, burst capture, remote release, and slide show are selected with the function dial. The LCD data panel on the top displays camera status including selected image quality, flash mode, sharpness, and remaining frames.

Minolta Dimage 2300

You can display stored pictures on any NTSC-compatible TV set using the Video Out port and the supplied video cable. The camera can be powered by an optional AC adapter via the 6V DC IN port.

Minolta Dimage 2300

The Dimâge 2300 can be connected to a Windows 98 or Macintosh USB-enabled computer using the bundled USB cable. High-speed digital image downloading is possible up to 12Mbps.

There is no serial port so if your computer doesn't have USB then you're going to need a CompactFlash card reader to acquire the pictures from the camera.

Minolta Dimage 2300

The Dimâge 2300 is powered by four AA size batteries; alkaline, lithium, NiCd, or NiMH type may be used. It can also be operated with an optional AC adapter.

Access to the CompactFlash Type I card slot is also via the battery compartment, Minolta includes a 8MB CF card.

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Minolta Dimage 2300 Specifications


Compact digital camera with autofocus (AF), autoexposure (AE), auto white balance (AWB), built-in LCD monitor, and built-in flash



1/1.75 inch-type, inter line CCD with primary color filter; total number of pixels approx. 2,300,000; number of effective pixels approx. 2,190,000



8.2mm (35mm camera equivalent: approx. 38mm); f/3.0 - 13 (4 steps); 5 elements, 2 groups including 4 aspheric surfaces in 3 elements


Focusing Range:

1.96 feet (0.6m) - infinity; 0.98 - 1.96 feet (0.3 - 0.6m) in macro mode



Reversed Galilean optical viewfinder



1.8-inch (4.6 cm) TFT LCD monitor


Image Storage:

Recording Media: CompactFlash card Type I; File format: Exif 2.1 (JPEG), TIFF, DPOF


Number of Pixels:

1,792 x 1,200 / 800 x 600 pixels


Image Compression Modes:



Storage Capacity (8 MB CompactFlash Card):

S.FINE: 1 image, FINE: approx. 9 images, STD.: approx. 24 images, ECON.: approx. 47 images (Full size; 1,792 x 1,200 pixels)



AF system by CCD



Programmed AE


Exposure Compensation:

+/- 2 EV in 1/2 EV increments


Metering System:

Center-weighted TTL metering by CCD



Equivalent to approx. ISO 85 (Normal) / approx. ISO 340 (High)


Shutter Speed:

1/500 - 2 seconds


White Balance:

Automatic, manual selection of Daylight, Tungsten, and Fluorescent


Flash Modes:

Autoflash, Autoflash with red-eye reduction, Fill-flash, Fill-flash with red-eye reduction, Flash Cancel (Flash Cancel in Macro mode)


Burst Capture:

2 frames per second (@ 1,792 x 1,200 pixels, up to 4 frames in Fine mode)



Approx. 10 second delayed release


Remote Release (optional):

IR remote control, immediate/two-second delayed release


Video Output:




USB (Windows, Macintosh)



AA Alkaline x 4, AA Ni-Cd x 4, or AA Ni-MH x 4 batteries, AC adapter


Dimensions (WxHxD):

4.48 x 2.55 x 1.57 inches (114 x 65 x 40mm); 1.77 in. (45mm) with projection around the lens



Approx. 7.4 ounces (210g) without batteries and CompactFlash card


Included Accessories:

Camera Case, Hand Strap, USB Cable, Video Cable, CompactFlash Card, AA alkaline batteries, Dimâge 2300 host software, PhotoSuite SE software, Ni-MH batteries and charger


Optional Accessories:

Remote Control, Serial I/F Set, AC Adapter





PC/AT Computer:

IBM PC/AT Compatible



90 MHz Pentium Processor or better


Operating System:

Windows 98



Windows 98: A minimum of 32 MB (megabytes) RAM


Hard Disk Space:

80 MB or more of available hard disk space



Minimum VGA (640 x 480 pixels) monitor capable of displaying at least 256 colors (32,000 colors or more is recommended.)



USB (Windows, Macintosh)


CD-ROM Drive:

Required for installation





Macintosh Computer:

Macintosh with an approved built-in USB port as standard interface





Operating System:

Mac OS 8.6 - 9.4



A minimum of 16 MB (megabytes) free memory in addition to the requirements for the Mac OS and applications (32MB or larger is recommended.)


Hard Disk Space:

80 MB or more of available hard disk space



Minimum of 13 inch-type (640 x 480 pixels) monitor capable of displaying at least 256 colors (32,000 colors or more is recommended.)





CD-ROM Drive:

Required for installation


Specifications are based on the latest information available at the time of posting and are subject to change without notice.

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