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Maha MH-C2000

Li-Ion / NiMH / NiCD Battery Charger

Posted 10/7/00

Maha C2000 Charger

Maha's MH-C2000 is an intelligent rapid and portable battery charger designed to handle a wide variety of camcorder batteries plus the common AA and AAA size cells as well. Shown here with the included AC adapter and the car 12VDC power plug (Nexcell AA batteries not included).

Available from Thomas Distributing for just $44.90 complete.

Maha C2000 Charger
Modern Sony 7.2v InfoLithium pack

Here's an inexpensive and portable solution for charging those Sony Mavica 7.2v InfoLITHIUM battery packs (NP-F530, NP-F550, NP-F570). The Sony charger is about $150.

The Maha C2000 charges the following batteries:

  • Generic AA & AAA size NiMH & NiCD batteries
  • Sony 7.2V Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Camcorder / Digital Cameras, 6V Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel Cadmium (NiCD)
  • Panasonic 4.8V NiMH, NiCD, 6V NiMH, NiCD, 9.6V NiMH, NiCD
  • JVC 6V NiMH, NiCD, 9.6V NiMH, NiCD
  • Canon 6V NiMH
  • Sharp 6V NiMH
  • Hitachi 6V NiMH
  • RCA 6V NiMH

Maha C2000 Charger

The C2000 charger is covered with mounting points and charging contacts to accomodate all the various battery packs. It auto-senses the proper voltage once the pack is mounted it beeps and blinks the red LED to indicate the detected voltage and then the yellow LED comes on and the charge cycle begins.

During the charge cycle the LEDs indicate the level of charge. At first the yellow LED is blinking, at 1/3 charge the first red LED comes on, at 2/3 charge the second red LED also comes on, when fully charged all lights go out except for one red LED. The C2000 is now down to a 40mAh "maintenance" charge rate and the battery can be removed and used at any time.

Before the charge cycle begins the charger checks the pack for shorted or dead cells and will not attempt to charge a "bad" pack. Overcharge protection insures that it won't destroy or shorten the life of the battery pack by charging at too high of a rate or for too long of a time.

There are no set charge times because that is highly dependant on the capacity of the battery pack being charged. A set of 4 AA 1350mAh NiMH cells takes about an hour and a half, the Sony NP-F550 took about an hour and ten minutes. Your mileage may vary but it's a lot faster than the standard charger that comes with your camcorder or still camera.

Maha C2000 Charger
Older 6v NiCD type camcorder pack

If charging a NiCD type of battery you can "condition" it by first discharging it down to 1v/cell to eliminate the memory effect. This is good for batteries that have not been used and sitting idle for long periods of time as well as those that have been short-cycled many times on the old charger. After the pack is properly discharged the charge cycle automatically begins.

NiMH and Lithium Ion packs do not need to be conditioned, this is strictly a thing to be done to the older NiCD type of battery packs.

Maha C2000 Specifications

Rapid Charge Current Packs: 780mA; Cells: 400mA
Battery Cell Configuration 4 AA or AAA NiCd / NiMH
Discharge Current 200-450mA
Discharge Voltage 4.8v pack = 4v, 6v pack = 5v
7.2v pack = 6v, 9.6v pack = 8v
Trickle Current 40 mA
Supported Battery Chemistry 4.8V - 12V Li-Ion, NiMH, NiCd
Overcharge Protection -DeltaV (-50mV)
Power Supply 12V - 18VDC
18v 800mAh AC Adapter and
12V car plug included
Dimension 160 X 92 X 64 mm
Weight 245g (net)

Steve's Conclusion

The C2000 is a well constructed and lightweight battery charger that can be used on either 110VAC or from any 12VDC power source in a car, boat, etc. It is much faster than any of the regular chargers supplied with camcorders or still cameras and can be your "one does it all" charger for a camcorder as well as a still camera that uses AA type batteries.

For the money this is a lot of charger and nobody knows batteries or chargers better than the Maha folks, they've been at it for a long time.

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