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July 2012: Best Cameras for Teenagers - 2012 Edition

Teenagers spend an inordinate amount of time browsing the web, specifically viewing, tagging, captioning and commenting on photos.  How's a teenager supposed to go about their lives without a camera?  And of course, becau [read more]

July 2012: Fujifilm X-S1: the First 100 Days

[read more]

July 2012: Working with Shallow Depth of Field

"Need. More. Depth of field," has become the photographer's war cry, and to achieve it he will go out of his way using smaller apertures and more expensive lenses. Yet as of late, I've found the photographs drawing me in are at the opposite end of the spectrum. They are shape and color, out-of-focus and blurry. And I began to wonder why. Why does shallow depth of field appeal to me? Also, how can I deliberately use it to create spectacular images?Let's face it. I'm not a people photographer, nor am I a landscape photographer. My gift is macro-work. I love close-ups of insects and flowers. I want to see "the whites of their [read more]

June 2012: The Aperture Effect

Of all the ingredients that make up a photograph-shutter speed, ISO, and white balance, to name a few-the last one I understood was aperture. I simply could not wrap my mind around the difference in the numbers. It was when studying math with my daughter for the second time in my life that my eyes finally opened. [read more]

May 2012: What Happened to Photography?

Bless my daughter. I learn so much from her. So okay, she has learned to rant like her mother, and yeah, perhaps the sarcasm comes from me too. Yet I like to think I've taught her something in all our years together.She and I have done school together for six years now. Oh, she was supposed to be the student, and I the teacher. But the truth is, I didn't remember half of what I had to pour into her. All those algebraic equations somehow escaped me in my twenty plus years since high school, and I didn't remember the science at all either. (I quickly remembered how much I hate experiments!) However, a couple years ago, I had the opportunity to teach her photography. Here was a subject I knew. (I knew English t [read more]

April 2012: Western Digital My Passport 2TB Portable Hard Drive Review

Review posted 04/04/2012 Quick Take [read more]

April 2012: Ye Olde RAW vs. JPEG Debate

Editor's Note: This article represents the opinion of Suzanne Williams, a Florida-based photographer.This topic has been hashed, rehashed, and hash-browned time and again, yet the question still remains. Should you use RAW or not? I have never weighed in on the debate until now, mostly because I didn't have a choice in the matter. My camera didn't take RAW photos. But also because having not used RAW, I didn't have enough information or experience to form an opinion.However, in recent weeks a theory has formed in my brain, which I believe to be fair-minded on the issue, so let's ask the question again. Should you use RAW o [read more]

March 2012: Slow Growth Photography

A recent request from my daughter's high school regarding her upcoming graduation ceremony had me combing through files filled with old photographs. I had several of those "mom moments," wishing to re-enter my now rosy past. After all, she will always my baby. At the same time, I was forced to revisit some really bad photographs. Why in the world did I save all of these? There is something to be said for viewing the overall grand design of one's life. For once I stopped wincing at the true awfulness of many of the images, what I saw instead was growth...It was slow, but it was there. [read more]

February 2012: What I Learned Joining A Stock Photography Site

I'm always preaching in my articles of the need to continue learning. I stand by my words. All photographers, no matter their skill level, should strive to further their knowledge. I am no exception to this rule. Often in my spare time, I will read articles by or study the work of other photographers, especially those who excel in styles of photography I struggle with.Sometimes, however, it's surprising what teaches me the most. The other day, I got it into my head to join a stock photography site. Now, this is not something I've ever wanted to do. But money being short, I thought, "Hey, what's the big deal? I'll either sell something or I won't." So looking up a popular website, I joined. [read more]

January 2012: Interpretation and Thought

I was disassembling my Christmas decorations the other day when I saw a photograph in my mind's eye. I liked the rounded shape of the bulbs and the soft lighting. Quickly grabbing my camera and a wide-angle lens, I took a series of photographs. What emerged is my interpretation of the last of the holiday.  [read more]

December 2011: GraVT Professional Photographer System Hardware Review

While we love to review all the new cameras that are released every year, we don't always take the time to dive into how photos will be edited after our trusty digital camera has captured a wonderful moment. Thanks to our friends over at Intel, they teamed up with a company called The 3D Shop to deliver a monster rig for the aspiring professional photographer.  [read more]

December 2011: Two Important Things About Sales

In the world of sales, or marketing, the biggest issue I have across the board is not producing the product. Instead, it is with the people you must work with to produce the product. Whether you're photographing a wedding or painting a self-portrait, whether you do graphic design of some sort, whatever the creative art is that you are involved in you have to work with people.There are two important rules to remember, which will help you keep your sanity.The client is always right.The client isn't always right.Ok, you say, did you just make two opposing statements? Well, perhaps I did, but bear with me. [read more]

November 2011: Best Cameras for Girlfriends - 2011 Edition

Girlfriends are easy to buy for but hard to surprise.  And yet, they expect you to get them presents for any and every occasions.  Unfortunately, because she knows you better than you know yourself, she already knows what you bought her and where you hid it [read more]

November 2011: Best Cameras for Husbands - 2011 Edition

Whether you have been married a year or decades, buying gifts for your husband never seems to be easy.  They either buy it themselves the second payday rolls around, they've convinced you to buy it for them that one time you asked "Do you n [read more]

October 2011: Be Yourself

There is another photographer on the web with my same name. I run into her work all the time. People searching for me find her. People searching for her find me. Anytime I decide to sign up for anything under the name Suzanne Williams Photography, the name is usually taken. It is frustrating, but I don't really mind. She has as much right to it as I do. Yet it is the difference between our work that sets us apart. She photographs children - toddlers and babies - and I do not.She is very good at what she does, but I am not one iota jealous. I have no interest whatsoever in photographing people. In fact, I have turned down job offers to photograph various events. No amount of money will change my mind either. [read more]

October 2011: The Thought Process: Creating Memorable Photographs

With each photograph I take, a certain thought process goes on in my head. I always ask myself a series of questions. What I do or don't do in answer to each one determines the success or failure of the photograph.In this set of photographs, I will tell what this thinking process was and why I chose to do what I did. I believe this will help serve as an example towards moving out from being a snapshot photographer and into one who can make memorable photographs. [read more]

September 2011: Fun with Faux-Macabre Photos: Horsemaning

Nearly every modern electronic device has a built-in digicam, so it's no surprise that there's been an explosion of odd, dare we say Hipster, photography trends in the last couple years.  Whether it be retro-styled recreations of old camera picture styles, or unusual posing like planking or owling, there always seems to be something new and silly for shutterbugs capture.Enter Horsemaning (also spelled Horsemanning), 2011's answer to what we do when we're really, really bored. Horsemaning, so named for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow's&nbs [read more]

August 2011: Digital Photography 101: The basics of color theory

How to use color theory to improve your photography, part 1 [read more]

July 2011: The Basic Truths of Editing

Anyone who pursues photography must learn the basics truths of editing. There are many tutorials on the web sharing editing techniques, but I'd like to look at the overall purpose of editing as it affects photography.First, what is editing?This is an age-old, much-debated question with many answers. To sum it up, editing returns the scene in a photograph to its natural state. When you are finished, the scene in your photo should look like it did when you took the picture. This is, after all, the purpose of photography; it is to preserve what you see before you. Editing also enhances a scene, making it more eye-pleasing. For example, perhaps there is a won [read more]

July 2011: 5 Best Portfolio Apps for the iPad

The iPad2 might not be a popular camera, but the iPad and iPad2 sure do make wonderful portable photograph displays.  Pictures rarely look brighter and clearer, and the finger-sweeping interactivity is addictive.  But in some cases the built-in photo viewer can be a little too simple for those who need his or her iPad to be more elegant.  To be a digital portfolio.  For that, my professional friends, it's probably a good idea to invest in an app.While the main consumer base of for iPortfolios is the photographer (whether you shoot landscap [read more]

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