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March 2013: All the Things I'm Not

I have been thinking on what to write for this blog for several days. Generally, I like to start with a theme - a camera related topic, something that has inspired me lately, an idea for future photography, a question someone asked me. But this month, I had nothing. Nada.No, this isn't a blog about nothing. Never fear. It is, however, a blog about something. Perhaps several somethings. [read more]

February 2013: Diary of a Mad Photographer

I'm giddy. Lighthearted. Overwhelmed. Overcome. This 365 project thing has changed me. Changed me. How is that possible?One picture per day. That's all I thought I was doing. Simply taking a few minutes to find something special, something that speaks to my lens. But it's become so much more than that. It's about reconnecting, reconnecting with life, reconnecting with the sun and the wind, reconnecting with grasses and flowers and insects and trees. It's finding myself again, tiny pieces of me I left scattered about and gluing it all back together. My camera is once again an extension of my hand, an extension of my brain, a permanent part of m [read more]

February 2013: Win a Rokinon 85mm F1.4 Aspherical Lens!

EDIT: Congrats to Jim Davenport of Alabama for winning the Rokinon lens!Steve's Digicams and Rokinon are partnering up this month to bring you a chance to win a 85mm F1.4 Aspherical Lens that's compatible with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony dSLR cameras! More information on the company site can be found here [read more]

February 2013: Win a free course with the New York Institute of Photography!

Steve's Digicams and the New York Institute of Photography are partnering up this month to bring you a chance to win a free home-study photography course from the NYIP, the world's largest photography school. One lucky grand prize winner will receive a free enrollment to NYIP's Fundamentals of Digital Photography C [read more]

January 2013: Dust on My Lens: 17 Days into a 365 Photo Project

I admit I slacked off last year. Other things in my life took priority over photographs. This happens to everyone at some point. Family, work, and other extracurricular activities consume so much time that the camera stays on the shelf. Well, in that vein, my camera's been collecting dust lately, and I've hated myself for it. "What you need, Suzanne," I said to myself, "is a good kick in the pants. Something to spark your interest again, get you going outdoors, searching for that one photograph."And that gave me an idea.Now, I'm not big on making resolutions. My mother taught me to promise only what I can fully deliver. So my idea of a New Year's resolution is avoi [read more]

November 2012: Best Black Friday Camera Deals

2012 Holiday Gift Guides [read more]

November 2012: Photography At Its Best

There are some things in life which are guaranteed - laws of science, laws of the universe, even laws that govern the behavior of man and animals. We study these, picking them apart and detailing each movement, each activity, each step needed to reproduce what we've seen or to predict what might come next.We have a need to know. [read more]

October 2012: 2012 Sony DI Press Excursion - a Hands On Look at Their Latest Products

(Photo captured using the Sony SLT-A99 - Click to see the full-size image)As a member of the team here at Steve's Digicams, I was recently able to attend the 2012 Sony Digital Imaging Press Excursion, which took place in San Francisco and Carmel, CA. This year we were present [read more]

October 2012: Best Low-light Cameras for Holiday Pictures - 2012 Edition

The holidays are nearly upon us, dear friends, barreling down the calendar [read more]

October 2012: Seasons of Change

Life happens. Things change.I was reminded of this recently when watching a series of videos by large format photographer, Ben Horne. He was explaining the mental process he took to create a series of photographs in the White Mountains, and he stopped to comment on the short life of large format film. Now, I am such a huge Ben Horne fan that the idea the film would not exist any longer is a bit heart-stopping for me. I mean, have these people not seen his work? Do they not know what they're killing here? Obviously not. Yet the day comes when they'll be no more of it to be found, and he'll have to change.Simila [read more]

September 2012: Romance in Photography

Lately, I find myself pulled into two halves. The logical side of me writes photography articles, historical facts, and how-tos. This is my dominant side. This is the side the makes me need to clean the kitchen sink before I go to bed and turn down the sheets evenly. (Nothing worse than crooked sheets when you're sleeping.) I embraced this side of me long ago, learning to spit out orderly lists in about an hour's time. However, there is also my creative side. This side surrounds itself with fictional characters, romantic verses, and colorful images. This side learned how to say "I love you" in Irish Gaelic (There are about a half dozen ways) and swooned at the beauty of Thomas Moore's, "The Kiss". It's [read more]

August 2012: Best Cameras for Grandparents - 2012 Edition

One of the best parts of being a kid is going to spend the weekend with your grandmother and grandfather, eating sugary cereals, playing putt-putt, digging around in their garden and snuggling in the recliner until you fall asleep in grandpa's lap.  Grandparents love this time as much as ki [read more]

August 2012: Negativity

Rats. What's up with me lately? I filter through my newest photographs only to discover they are not what I thought at all. This one's too bright. This one's out of focus. This one - well, it was supposed to be a red flower, not a pink one. It seems I'm all out of whack. My photography has become negative. I go out wondering if my next efforts will be any better than my current ones. Depressing huh?Well, just to prove how out of whack I currently am, or maybe instead how my brain wanders at times, this got me thinking about the negative side of a photograph. Specifically, negative space. Of course, it was spurned too by Nathanial Smalley's excellent [read more]

July 2012: Best Cameras That Fit In Your Pocket - 2012 Edition

Posted by: Mike FlacyPublish Date: 09/02/12Your life is on the go and you need a camera that can go with you.  Often times, you just don't have the space for a purse or backpack.  Other times, cameras are prohibited but you aren't going to let tha [read more]

July 2012: Best Cameras for Teenagers - 2012 Edition

Teenagers spend an inordinate amount of time browsing the web, specifically viewing, tagging, captioning and commenting on photos.  How's a teenager supposed to go about their lives without a camera?  And of course, becau [read more]

July 2012: Fujifilm X-S1: the First 100 Days

[read more]

July 2012: Working with Shallow Depth of Field

"Need. More. Depth of field," has become the photographer's war cry, and to achieve it he will go out of his way using smaller apertures and more expensive lenses. Yet as of late, I've found the photographs drawing me in are at the opposite end of the spectrum. They are shape and color, out-of-focus and blurry. And I began to wonder why. Why does shallow depth of field appeal to me? Also, how can I deliberately use it to create spectacular images?Let's face it. I'm not a people photographer, nor am I a landscape photographer. My gift is macro-work. I love close-ups of insects and flowers. I want to see "the whites of their [read more]

June 2012: The Aperture Effect

Of all the ingredients that make up a photograph-shutter speed, ISO, and white balance, to name a few-the last one I understood was aperture. I simply could not wrap my mind around the difference in the numbers. It was when studying math with my daughter for the second time in my life that my eyes finally opened. [read more]

May 2012: What Happened to Photography?

Bless my daughter. I learn so much from her. So okay, she has learned to rant like her mother, and yeah, perhaps the sarcasm comes from me too. Yet I like to think I've taught her something in all our years together.She and I have done school together for six years now. Oh, she was supposed to be the student, and I the teacher. But the truth is, I didn't remember half of what I had to pour into her. All those algebraic equations somehow escaped me in my twenty plus years since high school, and I didn't remember the science at all either. (I quickly remembered how much I hate experiments!) However, a couple years ago, I had the opportunity to teach her photography. Here was a subject I knew. (I knew English t [read more]

April 2012: Western Digital My Passport 2TB Portable Hard Drive Review

Review posted 04/04/2012 Quick Take [read more]

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