Wedding Photography: Getting Inspiration from Magazines

Learning to take wedding photography is a fantastic way of making some extra money. Getting inspiration for wedding photo shoots can be difficult and that's why you should get some inspiration from wedding photography magazines.

Step 1 - Buying Some Magazines

The first thing you need to do to get some experience is buy some wedding magazines. There are plenty of magazines available and most of these should be available from your local newsagent. Look through the magazines and notice all of the different styles of wedding photography. Any one of these techniques can be adopted and used by you to create unique wedding photographs.

Step 2 - Internet Research

Another way to get some great suggestions about poses and techniques for wedding photography is on the Internet. There are lots of internet forums devoted to helping you to take the very best wedding photos possible. Search on the internet to find some photography help websites which will be able to point you in the right direction.

Step 3 - Photography Magazines

Another really important place to get inspiration from for wedding photography is in digital photography magazines. These magazines will not only show you some suggested poses and techniques but they will also show you how to achieve them. Simply by aiming your camera at a certain point and posing the couple in a certain way you will be able to get some great effects.

Step 4 - Getting to Know Your Camera

If you are serious about making a living with wedding photography then it's very important that you find out about your camera. Knowing how to use your camera is very important since it will allow you to create lots of different effects. Practice using your camera and concentrate on many of the advanced features that you wouldn't normally touch.

Step 4 - Experiment

Next you should use your camera to try and experiment with some of the styles that you have seen in magazines. You can experiment on other subjects before visiting a wedding. If you don't like the effect that you have just mastered then have a look through the magazine or internet again to get some more ideas.

Don't feel restricted to what you have seen in the magazines and on the internet, if you ideas of your own, feel free to try them alongside the more tried and true techniques.

Step 5 - Getting Some Experience

You need to get experience by contacting other photographers. Many photographers will be happy enough to allow you to shadow them on their wedding photography jobs, you can use this opportunity to take some photos of your own.

You can also contact people that you know who are getting married soon. Offer to take some extra photos for free so that you can get some much needed experience. By offering to do these photos for free you don't have to worry about making a mistake, if the photos do look great then they can have them and they can also be used in your portfolio.

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