Zoom Player: An Introduction

Zoom Player is a computer software program used to play, take control of, and manage video files, sound files, photo files, graphic files, and other media files such as documents and Internet language files.

Combines Basic Functions and Advanced Functions

Zoom Player can be used by anyone needing a media player and editing tool. It gives you a way to edit video playlists and perform graphics equalizing tasks (and other regular media player options you would see in most programs of this type). Zoom Player also has a wealth of advanced editing tools. You will find everything from an editor for your entire video library to a way to do streaming radio over the Internet.

Identifies Codecs You Need to Play Most Videos

One great function of the Zoom Player is that if you are trying to play a video and it tells you that a codec is needed, then it will easily and quickly list the one that you need for that particular file with no hassle or wait. Then, it will install the correct one so that you are back to business and watching the video.

Features Customizable Skins

If you get bored with the way your Zoom Player looks, then it comes with different skins that you can use to change the look. Or, if you don’t like the ones that come with the program, you can also go online and download some new ones.