YouCam: Making Dynamic Webcam Videos

YouCam is one of the most well known applications, which can be used to have some fun with your webcam. Whilst webcams aren't the best quality cameras available, they are fun to use and serve a purpose. When you install YouCam, you will be able to create some interesting effects and unique photographs and videos.

Interactive Effects

There are many interactive effects which can be applied to your video as you are recording or sharing it with other people. These effects include falling rose petals and falling snow. They will collect on the screen and can be wiped away with your hand.

Augmented Reality

YouCam also supports Augmented Reality which can be great fun to mess around with. Holding a piece of paper with something specific written on it will then be replaced by your chosen object in the webcam display. This means that you will be able to interact with the 3 dimensional objects.

New Effects

There are lots of new effects which can be applied to your videos. You will be able to download an unlimited number of effects from the official director zone website. These effects can be applied right away when they are installed to the apps.


The YouCam software can be used to create your own custom avatars. Using your webcam video, it is then possible to replace your eyes, hair or anything else that you would like to change.


After you have made your dynamic webcam videos, sharing them is very easy. It's possible to share the videos directly from the YouCam software. The videos can be uploaded directly to MySpace and Facebook among many other sites.