Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac has numerous features that make it a very powerful video convertor that can easily convert between all the popular modern formats including high definition formats. This software is also able to handle and convert common audio formats like WAV, WMA, MP3 and much more. With Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac, it is easy to make sure that all your videos are compatible with all of your portable and non-portable multimedia players.

The biggest advantage of using Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac is that you can play almost every kind of media file on your PSP and iPod, as well as on other commonly used players. This video converter also ensures that you can use video files on your mobile phones too.

Main Features

Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac is able to take a video and extract its audio portions for use on all music players. It also captures images from video files so that you can use them as thumbnails or for promotional purposes. You can also create a short movies from still images. There are other benefits to using the Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac including being able to customize video files by clipping, splitting, merging and also adding transitions. This software also allows you to crop a video image and add watermarks to images and video. All in all, this is software that helps in seamlessly converting multimedia for a Mac platform. Here are a few more important features that make the Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac such a useful piece of software.

Converting High Definition Videos

Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac supports high definition video encoding as well as decoding. If you want to convert MKV, AVCHD and other kinds of high definition videos to Apple TV and PS3, then you need to take a second look at this software.

Converting Commonly Used Audio/Video Formats

Today, there are numerous video file formats that are not always compatible with every kind of device. In order to convert these audio/video files into a format that is compatible with your player, you need to pick software such as Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac; it does all this for you in a seamless and efficient manner.

Capturing Images

This software is also very good at capturing and extracting pictures at a predetermined interval from your video. It can also do all this in batches.

Direct Transfer

This is software that is able to directly transfer your videos to a device like the iPhone, iPod and even to iTunes.


This software makes it possible to customize outputs by making use of editing features like clipping, merging and even splitting video files. In addition, Xilisoft Video Converter for Mac also allows you to easily crop the size of your video and adjust the settings of your picture quality. Finally, you can use this software to convert files into a whole host of other formats simultaneously, and all this can be done very quickly.