Xilisoft PPT to Video Converter: An Overview

Thanks to Xilisoft PPT to Video Converter, it is now possible to take a PowerPoint presentation and transform it into video, even if you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint installed on your personal computer. Without a doubt, this software offers you something that has been sorely missed by many people wishing to take PowerPoint presentations and convert them into video formats such as AVI and MPEG-4 (and other popular formats). This software is also able to convert your presentations (PowerPoint) into 1080p HD (high definition) formats.

Main Features

Xilisoft PPT to Video Converter offers many more interesting functions. If you like, you can use this software to add commentaries to your video and it allows you to add some background music to your presentation as well. It can also extract all of these from existing presentations, if they are not required. You will also be able to performs the important job of adjusting time intervals between the slides. Before it completes the conversion to a video, you will be able to add your company logo to the file as a watermark, and this can be in the form on a still image or a small video.

For those people who are interested in Xilisoft PPT to Video Converter, there are three options available. One is to purchase the Business version. The other is to settle for the Personal version, and the last is to try the free downloadable version. The main benefit is that this software allows you to play your PowerPoint videos on a computer, multimedia player, as well as on an Internet browser.

Media Players

With Xilisoft PPT to Video Converter, it is easy to convert a PowerPoint presentation into suitable video formats like MP4, WMV, AVI and even MOV. Once this is done, it is easy to play the converted files on almost all the popular computer media players available today. All this is achieved even if you have not installed Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer.

Digital Players

In order to play PowerPoint presentations on digital players, you need this software to convert the presentation into a format that is compatible with almost every modern digital player.

HD Devices/Internet

With this software, it is easy to also play PowerPoint presentations on a HD device as well as on the Internet.

Conversion Options

With Xilisoft PPT to Video Converter, it is easy to convert a PowerPoint presentation in three different ways: practice, record and convert.

Customize Output

By adjusting settings and parameters, this software makes it possible to customize a PowerPoint presentation. It also allows you to add watermarks to the video and optimize the video while making use of different output options.


This software allows you to preview your presentation slides. The software is also very user friendly and is able to do quick conversions of single files and batches of files as well. The best part is that there is nothing complex about this software, as it offers everything you need on one screen.