Xilisoft MP4 Converter: An Overall Look

Xilisoft MP4 Converter software converts video files into MP4 files so you can play them on your digital devices like iPods or similar devices. This is an ideal aoftware if you are in love with music.

Converts Multiple Formats to Play on other Devices

Xilisoft MP4 converter works with file formats .avi, .mpeg, .wmv, .mov, .rm and HD formats like h.264, plus several other well-known video file formats. There is also a way to convert an MP4 file into an MP3 audio file so you can listen to the soundtrack of a movie by converting it. It also lets you make a video from still images and supports different types of decoding formats for CDs.

Simple to Use

The Xilisoft program comes with an easy to learn MP4 converter feature that makes creating your new videos a simple process. You can make a video and then play it on compatible products like iPhone, PSP, PS3, Apple TV or similar playback units.

Multiple Settings to Choose From

The software can be personalized by manually adjusting the settings to the preferences you use most. Or, it also has preset output formats if you just want to go with the average settings needed to convert your files. You can also do batch files, which means you can convert multiple files at the same time in order to save time. Or, if needed or desired, you can split a file and use only a portion of it to create a whole new video or sound file.

Allows to See the Files before You Finish

Users can preview or see a snapshot of their files in the built-in player screen feature in the Xilisoft MP4 Converter software. You can pick the scenes in the videos you want and clip them out and save them as a picture in .gif, .jpeg, .bmp or .png formats.

Xilisoft MP4 Converter Saves Power on the Computer

The program can run in the background so you can use it to convert files while doing other things on your computer. This saves time and power too because you can do two or more things at once and still get your files converted quickly and easily.

Supports Non-English Speaking Users
This is a really good program which can be used globally. Users can download the program in many languages, such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese besides the standard English language.

Minimum Requirements to Run Xilisoft MP4 Converter Software

To run the software, you must have at least Windows XP, a 1-gigahertz processor, 256 megabyte of RAM, 100 megabytes of hard drive space and a graphics card that has Super VGA at 800x600 resolution with a 16-bit graphics card or higher. It is best to have higher than these, as this is just the basic requirements.

If you need to be able to convert video files into other kinds of formats so you can play them on multiple kinds of digital playback devices, then the Xilisoft MP4 Converter software is the video conversion program you need to buy.