Xilisoft iPad Video Converter for Mac: An Overview

The Xilisoft iPad Video Converter for Mac is an inexpensive program that allows you to convert any type of video or audio into a format supported by iPad. As of 2010, the iPad is the latest gadget released by Apple, and it is a combination iPhone and tablet computer. It’s so easy to use that you will quickly catch on to how to use it. This program is specifically designed for iPad and Mac users.

The iPad

The iPad is a type of tablet computer, but it is specifically designed for multimedia purposes. You can watch movies, listen to music and even read books on this computer. It features an interactive touch screen, and it is only compatible with apple programs. This computer was released in April 2010.

Supported Formats

The Xilisoft iPad Video Converter for Mac helps you convert video and audio formats into iPad H.264/MPEG4 and H.264 HD. You can convert HD and SD videos into this format, including the following HD/SD formats: Quick Time HD, AVI, AVI HD, MPEG-2, DivX, WMV and MPEG. You can also pull out the audio from a video and convert that and standard audio into iPad supported music. Supported music formats include MP3, WMA, OGG, MP2, AAC and WMA.

Manipulating Files

This iPad video converter helps you manipulate your files, including splitting up a single file into multiple files, and you can choose how large you want your output file to be by using the Bitrates Calculator.

You can also pull out images from your videos, which you can use as thumbnails for your video. Or, take snapshots of certain sections, and then use those snapshots for section previews. Another nice feature of this program is the ability to convert a single file into different formats all at the same time. And, you can convert multiple files at the same time using the batch conversion feature.

 Additional Features

This program supports different languages, including Japanese, English, Spanish, German and Chinese. Simply select the language that you want to use, and your interface will display all content in that language. Another great feature is the ability to preview your file before you convert it. This helps you visually see any changes that were made before you go through the trouble of actually converting the file, reducing the amount of “undo” work that you need to do.


To use this program, you must have certain items already installed on your computer. You must have at least 512 Megabytes (MB) of RAM memory and 100 MB of free space. You must also have an Intel processor, at least a 16-bit graphics card and Super VGA 800 by 600 resolution.