Xilisoft HD Video Converter: An Overview

Xilisoft HD Video Converter works with HD video formats and quickly and easily converts your video into a standard definition format. It can also convert audio files and capture still images.

Compatible with Multiple Programs

This program works with most HD formats, including VCHD, TS, H.264 and MKV, as well as regular file formats of .avi, .mpeg, .mp4, .wmv, .rm, .flv and many more. If it is a popular audio or video format, then most likely this will convert it so you can use it to play somewhere else. It can even help you transform your HD files back into standard definition so they can be used on media that can’t play high definition. It can also decode CDs. If you need to use image files it can support .gif, .bmp, .jpeg and .png.

Devices Supported

The Xilisoft HD Video Converter supports many different types of electronics, such as iPod, iPad, PSP, PS3, Xbox and many others. You can create your new product and then watch it on any of these digital players.

Other Features

The program supports many languages. Non-English speakers will be happy to learn that the program supports German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese languages. The software is also useful for doing things like merging, clipping and splitting existing files, so you can create unique videos from several video files at once, edit out unwanted sections and add subtitles or other special effects to enhance it.

It can turn video clips into still images using .png, .gif, .bmp. or .jpeg. Just choose a frame on your video and it will pull off the still shot and create your perfect image into a still picture for your wall. When it’s done, you can preview your creation before you save it so you are able to find and correct any mistakes in advance, thus saving you time.

Multiple Formats

This video converter does the job quickly and can run in the background while you do something else. Just check back in a few minutes and you will have all your files complete and ready to go.

Upgrades are No Problem

Xilisoft HD Video Converter can do automatic upgrades, making it so you always have the most up-to-date program. You just set it to upload grades when they are avialable and it runs in the background and seamlessly works its upgrade magic.

System Requirements

To run this program, you must have at least Windows XP, a 1-gigahertz processor, 256 megabyte of RAM, 100 megabytes of hard drive space and a graphics card that can have Super VGA at 800x600 resolution with a 16-bit graphics card or higher. It is best to have higher than these, as this is just a basic requirement.

All in all, if you need to convert HD video or audio files so you can play them on standard resolution using media, then the Xilisoft HD Video Converter software is the best one on the market that will help you to complete your task.