Xilisoft DVD to AVI Converter: An Overall Look

The Xilisoft DVD to AVI Converter helps you rip and convert DVDs to other formats, which allows you to play these movies on other media players. This software uses a very intuitive interface and it’s really affordable at $19.95 (2010). Once you download the software, you’ll easily figure out how to use the program.


You have the choice to convert an entire DVD or just certain chapters. And, it couldn’t be easier to do this. To convert a chapter, simply hit the checkbox next to the title, and then set your preferences. When you start converting your file, you’ll see the progression status of the file; the files that are next in line will have status of Waiting.


If you have an extremely large DVD that you want to convert, you can break it up into smaller files, making it easier to convert. Plus, you don’t need to convert one file at a time. Use the batch feature to convert multiple files at the same time. This program also comes with multi-core and multi-thread features, which speeds up the conversion. Besides splitting up files, you can also extract certain video segments from your video file and only output that segment.

 Supported Formats

The Xilisoft DVD to AVI Converter allows you to convert your DVD files into AVI and HD AVI formats. You can also rip DVD videos into other formats like AVI, HD-AVI, DivX, HD-DivX, Xvid and HD-Xvid. This expands the number of media players on which you can watch your video. Another feature of this program is the ability to change IFO/ISO files into AVI format files.

Other Features

If you want to know who starred in or directed your move, then you can do this via the Retrieve Disc Info feature. This tool searches the Internet for information on your move, including release data ad genre.

You have the option to set how long you want your film to be and when it should start. You can also preview your video before you rip it to ensure that it looks the way that you want it to. This saves you time since you won’t have to re-rip the file if it’s not right. You just fix it before you rip it.

Sometimes on your videos you have a black line going around the edges of it. This is because the video doesn’t fully fit the entire screen. To fix it, use the zoom mode. This zooms into your video clip just enough to get rid of that line.

Video Parameters

You don’t need to use the parameters of the source video. Instead, you can customize them based on your needs. For example,  you can set the frame rate, bit rate and video and audio quality. You can also establish the video size and aspect ration.


This program is offered in different languages, including French, German, Japanese, Chinese and English. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, and you need at least 100 Megabytes (MB) of free space.