Xilisoft DVD Ripper for Mac: An Overall Look

The Xilisoft DVD Ripper for Mac is perfect for the Mac user who also enjoys watching DVD movies. This program is so fast that you’ll have ripped your movies before your tea kettle goes off. Plus, it’s super easy to use. So, don’t worry about it if you are new to ripping movies.


For the average Mac user, the Standard Edition works fine. It allows you to rip DVDs into other formats, including SD and HD video formats. These formats include the following: AVI, WMV, MPEG 1 and 2, MP4, DivX and HD WMV. You can also extract the audio from your videos and rip it into other formats as well. These formats include AU, OGG, WMA, MP3, WAV and AAC.


If you don’t want to rip an entire movie, just keep your favorite parts and cut out the rest. This is done via the Clip option. This feature works similar to a pair of scissors. You simply select the video segment that you no longer want in the movie and it’s gone. Then, you can merge two different clips together and create a whole new movie. This feature is especially useful if you make montages. You just keep the parts that you want and remove the rest. Then, pull the rest of the segments together.

Divide Videos

Sometimes, you just don’t have enough room to rip an entire movie. Or, you may just want certain segments of a film. The Xilisoft DVD Ripper for Mac allows you to take a single movie and then break it up into smaller segments. This helps you save your video onto your multimedia device. You can just play it in segments.


If you don’t want anyone else stealing your movie, then add a watermark to it. You can add a logo, image or text watermark that you can make transparent if you don’t want others to see it. Select the position and font style for your watermark as well. You can also adjust the synchronization of subtitles and add audio to your DVD if the soundtrack is missing. Other video features include the ability to tweak the contrast, saturation and brightness. You can clip off duplicate video frames. Add artistic effects like old film to your video.

What’s really nice about this program is that you can preview all your changes before these changes take effect, and you can compare these changes to the original film. Previewing changes saves your time since you don’t need to re-rip your video if you don’t like the changes.

Ripping DVDs

When you are ready to rip your DVD, you have different options including optimizing conversion profiles and customizing the size of the video so that it fits your device. You can rip a single video into different formats all at the same time. Rip only the segment of the video that you want and add the subtitles and soundtrack of your choice.