Xara 3D: Creating 3D Text

Xara 3D is sophisticated, yet simple to use software for creating very good quality 3D graphics, buttons, logos and animated text. Here we shall see how easy it is to create 3D text with this software.

Step 1: Go to Text Options

As you initialize Xara 3D, you will see the option buttons vertically placed on the left side of the screen and the workspace. Click on the very first button on the top, which is Text Option button.

Step 2: Choose the Font

The Text Option box will be now open, and you have a list of fonts on the left. This window has a preview panel, where you can write and see how the font looks. Write the word you want, and click OK.

Step 3: Choose Thickness

In the work area, now it is possible to turn around the word you have created and also move it. You can center it on the screen and choose a thickness you prefer when you turn it around.

Step 4: Choose the Color

Double click on the text in your workspace, and then click on the Color Options button on the upper right side of the screen. Choose the color and shade from the palette, and you will see your word in the workspace change to that color.

Step 5: Create a Shadow

Click on the Show/Highlight Option button from the top menu bar which looks like a light bulb. You will now see a circle with black and white markings in the center of your word. This gives you the various shadow options, and you can see the effect as you drag it along your text. If you do not want a shadow, place the circle right in the middle of the word.

Step 6: Save and Export Your Work

For saving what you have created, click on File from the top menu bar and select Export. By exporting your image, you can work on it with other software like Photoshop. Click on Save button and then the Export window will open. Here, you need to check on Current Widow Size and True Color (24 bit), and select the Transparent option and click Save.