Working with P2 Media in Avid Xpress Pro

P2 media is a type of storage media that was originally created by Panasonic. Avid has updated its software to support editing of this media. This is tapeless media that is stored on a solid state memory card. These media cards can be inputted directly into the computer and a normal disk drive. However, they cannot be read without the correct software. These media cards can hold up to 65 GB. These have some of the fastest speeds for transfer available.

Xpress Pro

This software makes it possible to edit video in a non linear fashion. This software can be run both on Macintosh computers and Windows operating systems. The software is based on the media composer systems from Avid. This offers high definition editing if the software is upgraded to the HD version. A lot of popular movies have been created using this software.

Import File

There are 2 different ways to get the p2 media into the software. It is possible to directly import the p2 media under the menu items. The best way to work with these clips is to import them and then copy them to the drive that is specified under the media creation settings. With Avid, you can do both offline and online edits directly from the media card.


Avid is one of the best programs to use for video editing, as other versions are used for video production by the large movie and television studios. It is possible to use color correction, insert objects, green screen effects and much more. The ability to edit p2 media means that Avid can deal with almost all video formats. It is also possible to take different media formats and mix them all into the same timeline. This is great way to be able to use old media formats, as well as new ones such as p2.


Avid Xpress will seamlessly transfer the data on multiple cards into digital files. In Avid, these will be created and used as MXF files. It is possible to drag and drop all the video and audio files into the MXF folder. Each new card can be imported into a new file within the MXF file. It is also possible to record directly to a laptop that is connected to the camera. This is a great option for long shots, though can be problematic when a lot of camera work is needed.

Tips for Using P2 with Avid

To get the best videos form the p2 media, it is best to have the camera set with the same frame rate and resolution as the project. Be aware that it will be necessary to archive the p2 footage before it is erased from the disc, as you cannot get this video footage back. To free up space on your p2 card, it is best to copy the project to another drive. This can easily be done using the consolidate and transcode option form the menu. When editing the media from the hard drive, the process is exactly like editing other media using Avid programs. It is quite easy to work with the different clips by dragging and dropping.