Working with HD Features in DVD Factory

Corel DVD Factory is a user friendly piece of software which can be used to create professional looking DVDs. This also makes it possible to create videos in high definition which can be burned to blu ray discs or other high definition sources. The software can quickly and easily convert your home movies into a format which can then be played on a high definition player which supports AVCHD.

The footage can also be stored on regular DVD disks, which makes it much easier for it to be shared with other people who may not have the ability to play high definition discs.


DVD Factory makes it simple to create menus on blu ray or DVD disks. This makes it very simple to create professional movies which are very easy to navigate.

Importing HD Videos

DVD Factory supports high definition video from a number of sources including camcorders and decks. It supports hard drive, memory card and tape camcorders. It can even work with shows which are captured from high definition television shows.


Editing High definition videos is normally very taxing on your computer. DVD factory minimizes this load by performing many of the tasks in your background. This makes editing very simple and will also make it possible to quickly look at preview windows.


DVD Factory supports AVCHD and Blu Ray discs along with the regular DVD disks. This ensures that you will be able to create disks which everyone will be able to watch.