Wondershare Media Converter: An Overview

Media Converter is capable of removing DRM protection from your protected video and music files. What is most impressive about Wondershare Media Converter is that it does this in the best manner possible and without causing loss of quality. Wondershare Media Converter can also convert audio and video to all the common formats that are currently being used by typical players including the iPod and Smartphones. Since Wondershare Media Converter can do many things, it makes sense to take a look at its features so that you know what to expect.

Copy Protection

The primary function of Wondershare Media Converter is the removal of DRM, but it also performs fast conversion of files (audio and video). Wondershare Media Converter is also able to extract soundtracks from a video and convert them to popular formats like MKA, MP3, WAV and APE.

Import Files/Customization

Wondershare Media Converter is capable of importing a DRM file and it is also capable of performing customized output effects.

User friendly

The best part is that Wondershare Media Converter is very easy to use and can also be operated quickly. It is able to convert in a multi-tasking environment, which allows it to complete the conversion of DRM files in one go and at blazing speeds. Its interface is also very user friendly and allows you to eliminate DRM protection from media as well as music files in a jiffy.