Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD: An Overall Look

MPEG Video Wizard DVD from Womble is professional software for MPEG editing, DVD authoring, and audio and video encoding. The software requires a minimum 500 MHz, processor speed and at least 8 bit video display with sound of 16 bits. It works on Windows operating systems like Window 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 98.

MPEG Editing

MPEG Video Wizard DVD has a sophisticated process for quick and accurate editing of MPEG files. The process of editing is made much quicker by the Smart Rendering feature, which will re-encode only the edited parts (and the rest of the file is left as it is). This saves a lot of time, as other software in the same category will re-encode the entire file, even when the slightest edit is made. This feature also ensures preservation of the quality. When MPEG files are edited which are compliant with DVD, the edited version gets written on to the disc at a speed similar to a copying process between discs.  

The editing process is much quicker as the software enables you to go from one frame to any other frame very quickly and accurately in the video. The scrubbing speed is also much faster, and you also have the option of moving sequentially between frames for precision editing. If you are editing a TV show file, it becomes quite cumbersome to search and remove ads, but this software can detect scene change and search for blanks, making ad removal almost automatic.

The software is equipped with various potent tools that will help you in de-multiplexing, multiplexing, repairing any audio and video synchronization problems, fixing errors of time code of GOP and resolving changes brought about by audio and video encoding.  

Audio Encoding

The software provides support for audio AC-3 encoding by which the audio track can be compressed to stereo having two tracks or even a surround 5.1 audio.

DVD Authoring

You can create a DVD menu which looks professional and burn it on the DVD disc which can be played in the usual player. Menus can be made and customized in various ways whereby you can change the background and include a photo, play a short footage before the menu is displayed, change the titles and so on. The menus thus created can be saved as templates for future use. You can also create any number of sub-menus and change the links to buttons, pages, titles and chapters at will. The Preview function helps you to know what kind of menu system you have created before burning it to the disk. The burning process can be executed from the software as it has an inbuilt burner.

Slideshow Creator

The software is a fully functional slideshow creator where you can make stunning videos with your photos, complete with transition effects and background music, which can be played through any video player or even posted online.

Conversion Features

MPEG Video Wizard DVD software supports many popular formats and also functions as a converter. You can convert DVDs to MP4, H.264, AVI, XviD and MPEG-4. The conversion enables you to watch your favorite DVDs in devices like iPod, PSP, mobile phones and all MP4 players.