Womble EasySub: An Overall Look

Womble EasySub is program for making and editing subtitle text on video files of DVD. The software provides a comprehensive solution for all your subtitling needs and has a simple interface for efficient workflow.

Creating Subtitles

Womble EasySub lets you create subtitles in any language, as it works on a Unicode technology, which can display any type of fonts. Your text will be in a subtitles list which you can include in the video. You can also modify existing subtitles from a DVD or remove and replace them with new ones.

The subtitle list can be created by importing a file of subtitles which already exists. Once the file is imported, it can be modified as per your requirements. If you have created a new subtitle list, then it can be saved as an ".srt" file for future use in other software.

Text Editing

If you need to edit the text in your subtitle list, you only need to click on the particular text field and it becomes a text editing window. You can edit the text here or type in new text.

Previewing and Precise Placement of Subtitles

Womble EasySub has a built-in player which lets you view your DVD along with subtitle list in the same window. You are also able to preview your subtitle edits in real time, and this gives you an idea of how the subtitles will appear in the final version.

The software has a display for sound waveform which becomes an important tool for finding a particular voice segment and gives you control over changing the audio track and selecting between channels. Locating the required voice segment is helpful in placing the subtitles correctly, as they will be in sync with the video that is shown, pertaining to the dialogue or commentary.