Womble EasyDVD: An Overall Look

Womble EasyDVD is software that allows you to author a DVD quickly and easily. Both experienced professionals and novices can use Womble EasyDVD with ease. Here is a brief look at what this software does:

Simplified DVD creation

With just six simple steps, this software helps you to make a DVD. These steps include start, source, menu, preview, output and burn.

Add multiple DVDs

With Womble EasyDVD, it is also very easy to add multiple DVDs to a single DVD. This feature obviates the need to use two DVD-5 discs to watch a particularly long movie that has been stored on both as separate files. Womble EasyDVD simply takes two separate movies and creates a single DVD out of the two files.


Editing functions such as trim and crop make it very easy to cut out scenes that are not wanted in a home video. Locating the exact scenes that has to be edited is very simple, because the software can move forward and back one frame at a time till you are able to locate the exact scene that has to be cut out.

Smart Rendering Technology

Womble EasyDVD uses special technology to create DVD movies out of converted MPEG videos. After cutting out scenes from your video, Womble EasyDVD will quickly re-encode the frames that immediately preceded and followed the edited section. This makes it easy to export videos quickly, and it also helps to preserve the quality of the video.

Menu creation

Womble EasyDVD has numerous menu templates with which to create professional quality DVD menus on the fly.