WinX Free DVD to MPEG: An Overall Look

Free DVD to MPEG is a software package that facilitates the backup and conversion of your DVD movie library to the small and conveniently sized MPEG format. The software specializes in preserving near-original movie quality, and saves lot of storage space as well. Once you have ripped a DVD to the MPEG format, you have the convenience of carrying a movie on your hard disk – anywhere and anytime.

The following is a brief look into the Free DVD to MPEG software.

Key Functions and Features

The WinX Free DVD to MPEG Ripper provides a primary functionality that facilitates easy and effortless ripping of a DVD movie. The interface makes the software very easy to use for all kinds of users. You can also use the software to capture stills and snapshots from a DVD video. This functionality, coupled with the compression abilities of the software, makes it a great backup tool.

The WinX Free DVD to MPEG Ripper supports all kinds of DVD media and resources - DVD 9, DVD 5, DVD ROM, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW. It is also compatible with the current edition (Windows 7) of Windows as well as the legacy operating systems. In addition, you can use it to apply individual video effects and control them by adjusting various audio and video parameters.

The DVD to MPEG ripping process is very stable and is crash proof. It is backed up by the state of the art DVD disc sector I/O technology, and can be made to rip individual DVDs or process a complete batch of DVDs.