WinX Free AVI to WMV Converter: An Overall Look

The WinX Free AVI to WMV Converter is freeware that has been designed to act as a simple software based video and audio converter. Its primary functionality is to provide quick, easy and efficient conversions of AVI formatted video files to WMV formatted video files. Here is a brief look into the WinX Free AVI to WMV Converter.

Key Functions and Features

The WinX Free AVI to WMV Converter has been designed to convert AVI files to WMV files with a high speed and rate of conversion, while retaining the maximum video and audio quality in the resulting file. The software operates on a single click basis and is very easy to use. The user simply needs to install the software, locate the source file, press a button and it’s all done. No other software solution offers such conversion speeds.

The WinX Free AVI to WMV Converter can also be used to capture full screen video screen shots, stills and snaps. All of the snaps can be saved using the standard file formats--JPG or BMP.

Other features include full support for batch conversion modes and up to 300%-500% greater speeds while maintaining near lossless audio and video quality. The users can also make good use of the available parameters to tweak video and audio preferences and achieve absolute control over the resulting audio and video quality.

The conversion process is very stable thanks to the latest disk input and output technologies.