WinX Free AVI to MPEG Converter: An Overall Look

Free AVI to MPEG Converter is a software that allows you to convert AVI format files into MPEG format. It has great features that allow you to do the conversion with professional ease. Let us look into some of the features of this software.


It converts the video from AVI to MPEG with no hassles and in perfect condition. It also gives you the option for batch processing, if you have more than one file for conversion. It has a great speed of upto 350% -500% faster than other software of its kind on the market.

Screen Shot

If you like any particular moment in your video, then you can capture a screen shot of it with the help of this tool. The quality of the video or the image is not affected by this action.

Output size and Quality

The software gives you complete freedom to control both the size of the output video and the quality. It is equipped with tools that help you create a file with high quality audio and video content. Moreover, all the audio and video settings are adjustable and can be optimized by individual users for quality.

Output/ Input Files and Support

Output for Video files are in the MPEG format, while for the audio files the output formats are the JPG and BMP. It works well on platforms like Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The deluxe version of the Free AVI to MPEG Converter has more features and also supports multi-track High Definition Video, Multi-core Central Processing Unit, portable and console players, and even conversion of HD Camcorder videos. You can easily upgrade to this, once you try the free converter.