WinX DVD to iPad Ripper For Mac: An Overall Look

DVD to iPad ripper is a software that allows you to convert existing DVD files into formats compatible with the iPad, and it is specifically designed to cater to the Mac users. It has great features that we will look into and discuss in this article.

Ripping and Convertible Output Formats

This software helps the users of Mac PC to both convert and rip a DVD format file into iPad formats, iPhone, iPod and Apple TV for easy viewing from anywhere and at anytime. It also works well with the Mac operating systems, "Tiger," "Leopard" and "Snow Leopard."


The extraction of images and Audio files from DVD formats is made easy with tools offered by the DVD / iPad ripper. You can also extract photographs and other graphics and save them in the JPG and BMP formats onto your devices.

CSS Protected DVDs to iPad Formats

You can now easily convert any kind of DVD, including normal, CSS protected, All region 1 to 6, Sony ArccOS, commercial DVDs, and even movies like "Babylon AD" and many others into the iPad format, as long as it is your legal original disc, of course.


The software gives you complete control over the output videos before the actual conversion. You can change and set audio and video parameters, folders, names for display, artists, and other things. Thus, it allows you to easily customize your files beforehand for a professional looking output.


It is based on advanced technology. It also boasts of tools like the "DE-interlaced Accelerator," the "Intelligent A/V Synchronizer" and "Run as Safe Mode," which equips the ripper for iPad and Mac by WinX with an easy conversion process and great results.