WinX DVD Ripper for Mac: An Overall Look

DVD Ripper for Mac is a software program that allows you to easily rip and convert DVDs on your Mac computer. It has many other features that make it worth a try. Some of these are discussed below:

Conversion and Support

This is a great software for conversion of DVD formats into iTunes, MP4, FLV and AVI. It also supports both the portable and console devices without any loss in the quality of the output file. Therefore, you can enjoy all your favorite movies at any time and from anywhere.

Usage on Copy Protected DVD

The Mac ripper allows you to work efficiently, even on copy protected formats, be they CSS, Region1-6, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, or others. Also, the constant updating of the software enables you to rip even the latest copy protected technology.

Burning, Speed and Quality

DVD Ripper for Mac allows you to create high quality back-ups onto hard drives, USB thumb drives, and others. This is done by converting the DVD format to the MPEG2 files. The original quality of the files is maintained, so that you can enjoy the DVD movies at all times without compromising on quality. The software also works with great speed. It has an adjustable CPU Utility designed to appropriately use anything up to a 4-core processor. It also supports the Hyper-threading technology; hence, you can rip DVD movies at great speed.

Extraction and Customizable Settings

You can split, grab or merge a video clip or scene from a DVD movie by setting the parameters for start and end time of the video segment. You can even capture a snapshot from a streaming video and extract audio files. These can then be saved in the MP3 format. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can easily set up all parameters for the audio and video files like the frame rate, bitrates, volume, resolution, and others. You can also add display names, artists and subtitles for files to be played on various devices of your choice.