WinDVD: Understanding Trimension

Corel WinDVD 9 is an exciting new media viewing package which plays back DVD, HDDVD & Blue Ray content on your PC or MAC. It has exciting new features, including the Trimension All2HD technology, which has the capability of up-scaling your standard definition content to High Definition. The following will define what Trimension Technology is and how exactly it works in conjunction with WinDVD9.

Understanding Trimension Technology

In simple terms, Trimension is a new form of technology which increases the quality of your video playback using software alone. It utilizes both stream and picture quality information to render a new frame rate which is higher than the original, thus increasing the picture quality of your media.

How It Works in WinDVD9

To keep things in perspective, it is important to know that a standard DVD resolution is 720x480. The resolution of higher quality DVD is either 1280x720 or 1920x1080. What Trimension All2HD technology does in WinDVD9 is to take the base resolution and convert it to a higher setting. To upscale your video, open WinDVD9 and begin playing your video. Click the Video option in the Menu Bar, and select All2HD option to open the Enhance Video Panel. In the All2HD tab, select enable Trimension All2HD, then select the On next to HD Enhancement option. This will upscale the viewing quality of your video.

Using the Correct Hardware

One important thing to remember is that when using these software enhancements, you need to make sure that your system is properly compatible with the software. Otherwise, the software will crash, and you will ruin your movie watching experience with WinDVD9.