Why the Xvid Codec is Great for PC Users

The Xvic codec is great for PC users for a number of reasons. The Xvid codec is free, can be used on several different platforms, and it does not contain spyware or adware. If you are not familiar with the Xvid codec, the Xvid codec is a PC MPEG-4 video codec. One would typically use the Xvid codec when trying to compress video. In latent terms, when the Xvid codec compresses a video, it will remove any and all information that is not needed to make the file size smaller. By having a smaller file size for your video, you can easily transfer it between computer networks or store it on a disc.

No Cost

The Xvid codec is freeware. The developers of the Xvid codec have released it under a GNU GPL license. Basically, by releasing the Xvid codec under a GNU GPL license, you can always obtain the Xvid codec free of charge without having to worry about feature or time limitations. If you are not sure if you want to use the Xvid codec, you can actually review the source code for the Xvid codec because it is free, which allows you to see if the Xvid codec is for you. You will have to pay for other video compression codecs, and they may not perform as well as the Xvid codec does.

Available Source Code

As previously mentioned, you are able to review the source code that was used to design the Xvid codec. Since you can review the source code, you are able to run the Xvid codec on several different platforms. You are free to edit the source code in any way that you see fit so that you can make it work on different operating systems or platforms. If the developers of the Xvid codec stopped producing the codec in the future, anybody could continue the development of the Xvid codec because the source code is available. If you were to purchase a video compression codec, you would not be able to view the source code because the codec would be considered proprietary software.

No Spyware or Adware

You can feel safe knowing that there is absolutely no spyware or adware attached to Xvid codec downloads. You have to be careful with many freeware downloads because the developers will often attach spyware or adware to the download that is designed to steal your information. The developers of that freeware will then sell your information to marketing companies to make up for the losses they are taking on their freeware program.

Unlike other free video compression codecs, Xvid codec contains no ads whatsoever. If you do not believe that there is no spyware or adware attached to the Xvid codec, simply take a peak at the source code and check for yourself. Xvid codec is a completely safe, and you don't ever have to worry about being bugged by non-stop advertisements while you are using the codec.