Why the Xvid Codec Is Free

The Xvid codecis a powerful free MPEG 4 video codec which can be installed on your computer. This can be used to compress video in a format which is suitable for storing on your hard drive or other discs. The sizes of the files are small compared to the quality of the video. Xvid can be compared to a file compression format, such as Zip, as this makes the file sizes much smaller and easier to store.

An uncompressed video normally takes up 100GB of space on your hard drive per hour. It's possible to reduce this to under 500 MB per hour when using Xvid, even at the highest quality settings.


Xvid is completely free and is launched under the GNU GPL licence terms. This means that it's free for everyone to use. The full unlimited version is available for download.

Viruses and Spyware Not Included

Many people are skeptical about what is included with free software. However, just because Xvid is free it doesn't mean that it has lots of spyware or adware bundled with it. It's possible for anyone to look at the source code, and it should be easy for them to see that there aren't any extras included (without their knowledge).

Why Is It Free?

The developers of the Xvid codec are committed to providing this software for free. There are some restrictions, but it's much less restrictive than many other licenses. The developers hope to increase support in the future. The developers are hoping to improve the popularity of these open standards, including ISO and MPEG 4.


The Xvid codec is suitable for use on a number of platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux. Just ensure that the correct version is downloaded for your computer.