Why Sorenson Video 3 is Better than H.264

Sorenson 3 is a video codec which offers similar features to the popular H.264 codec. As both of these codecs offer similar functions, they both do certain things better than others. If you are trying to produce high definition video, then you will need to find a suitable codec which can be used.

A codec is a way of encoding and decoding a video or audio file on a computer. There are many different codecs available. To play back a video in a certain codec, the right software will need to be downloaded and installed from the Internet.


Sorenson Video 3 is also known as SV3, and it is released separately. It is also included for free with the Sorenson Squeeze software product. This can be used to encode your video into many Sorensen formats and others such as MPEG-4 and H.264. The Sorensen squeeze package is expensive but perfect for a film producer.


The Sorenson Video 3 codec is closely based on the H.264 codec. This is based on one of the early drafts of this high definition codec but has been tweaked slightly.

The playback of SV3 files was at one time difficult. However, the format is now supported as standard with FFmpeg. This means that all windows and apple computers will be able to play back SV3 files.

Notable Features

One of the best features which separates SV3 from H.264 is the compression. The compression abilities of H.264 are rather lacking. In comparison, Sorenson Video 3 has very strong compression features. Compressing a video makes it smaller in size without noticeably affecting the quality. This is the most important job of any codec.